Creating Your “New” Normal

Today, I’m 2 years 6 months and 6 days post-stroke.

After going through a stroke, your life will likely take a  drastic change. Many people will tell you to create your “new” normal. What does that mean?

Creating your “new” normal means shifting your life path. It’s all about creating new routines and dealing with the unexpected. It’s all about building a new life and leaving behind everything you’ve always known.

In terms of the emotional effects of a stroke, you’ll likely need some support and guidance to move forward. I’m currently receiving guidance to help me overcome these hurdles  Having these emotions is completely normal. Meditation is a good practice.

As I’ve improved over the course of my stroke, I’ve had to go down multiple paths.  I’ve attended three rehabs. I’m constantly researching rehab avenues to get better; hearing aids, CAPD, exercise, and neurofeedback. We’ve worked with MANY medical professionals and we’ve learned a significant amount of information on our own accord. It’s okay to question medical professionals. Sometimes they are not always correct. Trust your gut.

I’m constantly preparing for the future in rehab. I’m hoping for a better tomorrow with a new career. I hope that children are in our future once things get better financially. This window may be opened through adoption (who knows?); however, I know we would make awesome parents.