Speech Annual Re-Eval

A few weeks ago, I had my annual speech re-eval.  The eval showed that I have made good progress in less than a year; however, I still need work. Over the course of my therapy, I have accomplished many goals.

I’m constantly improving which is evident with the eval results. I have my bad days. I get discouraged and impatient. I want my life back now. I don’t want to be on disability. I want to be financially secure again.

Before the eval, I was worried that I would be kicked out of therapy. At my old rehab, my discharge date kept getting moved every month which left me in a state of constant worry. Luckily, my current rehab doesn’t believe in the six-month plateau. We are going to focus on my weaknesses (i.e. mainly audiological processing). My current rehab realizes that my confidence is a problem. The events of my stroke (losing my ability to speak/hear, actions by others, mistakes made by medical professionals, etc.) has caused my confidence to be reduced significantly.

A few weeks ago, my PM&R doctor told me that I function at a high-level which was nice to hear. It’s true! I still need more therapy but I have overcame so many things. In terms of neurofeedback, I’m working with a counselor who is submitting paperwork to our insurance.