10 Year Wedding Anniversary

October 14, 2016 will mark our 10 year wedding anniversary.

My High School Prom:


Wedding Photo:


Pre-Stroke Photo:


5 Yr Anniversary – First Hawaii Trip


Park City Utah


Horrible Day:


Post-Stroke Photo:


10 Yr Wedding Anniversary – 2nd trip to Hawaii (Well, maybe a little early…)

Strokes cause loss. When I had my stroke, I lost many things including financial security, plans for the future, and career. I had planned to start a family pre-stroke. Now, I’m not sure if that will ever happen. Sadly, the stroke caused me to close the door on people that didn’t provide support.

In terms of my recovery, I’m proud of how far I’ve came with the obstacles thrown at me. Most people are amazed at my recovery. I’m very lucky that my husband stood by my side which is not always the case when someone has a stroke. Although I’m an introvert, I’m making an effort to meet new people that understand what we’ve been through.