Recovery For What?

Sometimes, I get frustrated and angry because I’ve worked so hard in my recovery and don’t have any financial benefits. We’re poor. I miss being able to travel.  I wanted to have a kid or two.

I was in formal therapy for over 4 years. What did I get out of it? Sure, I’ve improved significantly.  However, occasionally, I get reminders that my recovery wasn’t for nothing. I have some purpose in my life. My nickname is “Sister Bad Ass”.  BIND Members started calling me that because I’m good at boxing.  I help people.  That helps to ease some of the pain. Here’s a sweet letter I got from one of our team members that was moving away:

BIND (brain injury network of Dallas) has complied a list of stories of perseverance and bravery of brain injury survivors into a book. These are survivors of stroke, TBI, brain tumors, brain cancer, and spinal meningitis. As of today, June 20th 2019, the paperback will be available in week from now. And, Yes, my story is included too. The link is below.