Positive Results of Stroke

What are the positive results of my stroke?

First, it made me realize how resilient I am.  I’ve had therapy and family support; however, I’ve had to fight this stroke alone most of the time. I wouldn’t have gotten better if I wasn’t committed.

I’ve met people that were willing to take a chance on me in my volunteer positions at the horse rescue, library, and hospital.

I’ve became the “member” communications lead at BIND which means I get to help other brain injury survivors to feel productive.

While participating in speaking engagements at Baylor, Pate Rehabilitation, Callier Center, and Collin College, I’ve been able to utilize my speaking skills that I gained in high school when participating in debate.

In the future, I will be educating the Plano police department about aphasia.

Also, I got a few awards for my blog including Top 25 Stroke Blog on the planet.