Most People Don’t Get It

I attend BIND 2 days a week. When I first started attending BIND, my goals were to reduce my loneliness and work on my auditory processing issues. Since my stroke, I’ve been all over the place: Reliant Rehab in Richardson (2-3 weeks), Pate Rehabilitation (1 year), and Achieve Hearing and Rehabilitation (3+ years). I’ve been with BIND a little over a year.

When I got terminated from my job, everyone was saying “Don’t worry, Megan will be alright”. They said that because they didn’t get it. They didn’t care.

I spiraled into depression. I lost a lot including my confidence, finance stability, retirement, and ability to have kids. My husband and I would have had beautiful children.  I’m still fighting to get our life back.

I’m posting this interview from The Next Level Show with the executive director of BIND because she understands and gets it.


2 thoughts on “Most People Don’t Get It

  1. Jo Murphey February 27, 2019 / 8:41 pm

    When you have stroke and you can function again nobody but another can understand why you are so depressed. Don’t worry darling, we get you..

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