Just wanted to do a quick update..

I got into BIND (Brain Injury Network of Dallas). BIND is a brain injury clubhouse.  I go twice a week from 9-3. My day consists of many things: indoor workout, art, and tasks to run the clubhouse. I started BIND to get more group exposure and to be around people. The past four years have been extremely lonely.  😦


I had my annual speech evaluation which showed consistent improvements. I’ve been told so many times that recovery ends at 6 months post-stroke. My grandma encountered the same thing in her stroke journey when she was alive.

I’ve been in speech therapy for over four years. My husband and I are taking a break for now and I’m thankful for my current therapists that never gave up on me.

Today, I got a notification that my blog was selected for the “Top 25 Stroke Blogs and Websites for Stroke Patients.” Being selected for this award made my day.

I use my blog to air out the frustrations that I’ve encountered over the past four years. It’s therapeutic.






3 thoughts on “Life

  1. Linda December 18, 2017 / 1:01 pm

    Megan, we are so proud of you. I cannot image the anxiety, frustration, and anger you must feel. You are a strong woman, I pray God continues to give you strength and guidance.

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