Maintaining Resilience


People tell me to write a book frequently. Writing a book is one of my goals for the future. Unfortunately, I can’t make any extra income while I’m on LTD so writing a book isn’t possible right now.

I’ve been through HELL since my stroke. I have experienced hard situations and negative people.

  1. I’ve lost two grandmas, a cousin, and uncle.
  2. My maternal grandma, Marilyn, had 3 hemorrhagic strokes and passed away. Watching her quality of life fade as a result was one of the hardest things I’ve had to witness.
  3. My husband’s boss gave him hard time about taking off to see my grandma in the days leading up to her death and gave him hard time about bereavement.
  4. My ID was stolen by two girls in Georgia. Luckily, the girls were caught and it took a year to get my credit cleaned up.
  5. I was fired from my job after my stroke and treated like I didn’t exist.
  6. We’ve withstood an immense amount of harassment.
  7. In the beginning of my stroke, the neurologists told my family that I would never get better.
  8. One of my old rehabs told me that I would stop making progress about 6 months post-stroke.
  9. My old rehab fought me about getting hearing aids saying they wouldn’t help me. Turns out, they were wrong!
  10. I’ve been talked down to by a neuropsychologist.
  11. We’ve lost the ability to have a family because we can’t afford it. I see my high school classmates having babies and although I’m happy for them it makes me sad won’t be able to start our own family.

I wouldn’t be able to withstand everything without developing an immense amount of resilience. It has made me extremely strong. If a person tries to hurt my feelings, it won’t have an affect on me. What ELSE can be done to me?

When I had my stroke, I didn’t get to the hospital in time to get the tPA. I was alone and confused. My husband was out of town studying for a test.

My husband and I have done most of the work on our own without much community support. We had no GOFUNDME. Most of the support we got came from his previous boss’s department.

I’m proud of the recovery I’ve made and no one can take that from me. I work every day even though I want to quit trying at times.

This is a video of me in ICU shortly after my stroke. My cousin Bryce was trying to get me to communicate:

The following video is of me 3 months ago. I made it for a stroke support group. Although my speech sounds great in the following video, I’m still in speech therapy focused on auditory processing skills.


I’m still missing my Nan-Nan and cousin Tammy.



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