More Heartbreak

April 1 and April 2 have been the hardest days in my life in a long time.

My grandma passed away on April 1 as the result of a third stroke. This past year has been hard seeing her quality of life fade as the results of her strokes. Her first stroke resulted in the loss of her right side. The second stroke resulted in more behavioral issues. The third stroke resulted in the loss of her ability to swallow. With everything she went through, she never lost her faith in God. She would sing gospel songs even up to last few days.

Here’s a picture of Nan-Nan after her first stroke:


This is her after her second stroke:


She was so supportive of my recovery. I can’t count the number of appointments she took me to. The pastor at her church told me that should would ask for prayers for me all the time. Shortly after my stroke, she bought my car which helped us financially.

When I was a child, she took care of me.  She worked in the cafeteria where I went to school and she kept me during the summer. I spent my time climbing trees in her yard and playing with her kittens. My summers were filled with watching The Munsters, Gommer Pyle, The Addams Family, and The Beverley Hillbillies.  We used to love to go to Braum’s and the VF Factory store in Sulphur Springs. To get me to go to sleep for a nap everyday, she would tell me that a bear would come get me if I didn’t. Of course, I believed her at that age. She never could keep a secret. She would always tell me what she was getting me every Christmas.

I held her in her bed the day before she passed and I told her I loved her and she told me that she loved me. Based on what I was told by my mom, she listened to “Amazing Grace” by Elvis Presley shortly before she passed.

Here are a few pictures of us:



On April 2, my cousin Tammy passed away as the result of bone cancer. She was always leaving words of encouragement on my blog. Here are a few: