Faulty Assumptions

My husband, dad and I worked at the same company pre-stroke. Although I haven’t seen or spoken to most of my co-workers/management since before my stroke, commentary is given to my husband occasionally. My former management never contacted me one time after my stroke.

After seeking some advice in a support group, one lady said something that makes sense:

I noticed that dealing with former coworkers and acquaintances after my stroke was a lot like dealing with them after a major death in the family. They want to say SOMETHING, but it usually comes out wrong and awkward. Only worse because everyone has dealt with death. So they say stuff that gets really aggravating. I found i had to detach until i got that people are sometimes mean well but are unable to understand this. I had one tell me ” i hope you feel better” and another tell me how nice it must be to not have to work. They just don’t get it. They can’t. Try to forgive them for that.

Before I was terminated, people  told my husband that I would be taking a “vacation”.  In my experience, being on disability is way more WORK than working a full-time job. Every night, I do my self-therapy with the goal of getting my life back. My husband helps me with my exercises too. I only WISH that my only responsibility was working full-time and/or raising a family. These people have it easy…

Based on feedback I receive from my husband, people make comments about my condition even though they haven’t seen me in years. These people have “no idea” about my life or my condition. They CAN’T. It’s against HIPAA.

It has been my choice to focus on my recovery and meet new people. People that know NOTHING about me.