3rd Stroke Anniversary

On August 31, 2013, my entire world changed with my strokes. In the beginning, I couldn’t speak nor could I understand any speech. This is how I communicated in the beginning:

Aphasia - Communcation Barrier

Progress 2016

One major therapy I tried in 2016 was neurofeedback. Neurofeedback really improved my audiological processing skills which was reflective in my speech therapy scores. I went through 40 sessions in which I watched a movie with sensors on my head that measured my brain activity. After each session, I would see a graph which reflected areas I should improve on.

Another area I continue to work on is re-building my confidence from ground zero.

I still attend speech therapy an hour each week. With Ricky’s assistance in my speech therapy practice, I CONTINUE to met goals at 3 yrs post-stroke.


Stroke survivors have both good and bad days. When I have my bad days, the pain of being fired from my job due to my stroke still haunts me. When I have these days, I want to quit trying. What has all this work invested in my recovery gotten me? So far, NOTHING; just more work.

Another source of sadness is watching my grandma experience strokes this year. Although our strokes are different, the sense of loss is present in both situations.

Life Continues

My dogs have been one support method that have comforted me while at home on disability.


Recently, in celebration of stroke anniversary and our 10 yr wedding anniversary, we went to Hawaii. Although I had a stroke, I can still have fun…

Below, is a video of my boogie boarding at Kailua Beach in Hawaii . Hey, I’m no professional; I’m just having fun.:

Here is a video of me snorkeling at Hanauma Bay in Hawaii:

Here is a video of me playing basketball. Are you up for a game?


I STILL attend speech therapy with the goal of returning to the workforce for a company that will appreciate my work ethic.