I’ve been feeling a little frustrated (yet slightly hopeful). I’m frustrated that nothing has came out of my hard work in my recovery. I’ve worked so hard on my recovery starting in ICU till now at 2 years, 10 months, 23 days post-stroke.

When I started acute rehab, I had a calendar that I would use to mark off the days until I returned to work. I would mark an “X” on each day. Eventually, I stopped keeping that calendar when I realized that goal wasn’t going to happen.

I believed that if I worked hard enough I would get my life back. I worked non-stop. Even when I was walking on the treadmill in rehab, I would multi-task and work on my iPad as well. Hard work always paid off for me in the past. I maintained a 4.0 GPA in college while working-part time amongst other items on my agenda.

I’m frustrated that I had to find out answers on our own about solutions that would make me more independent: hearing aids and streamer. I’m also frustrated about the time lost finding these solutions.

I get frustrated when people point out how much work I have left when I’ve devoted so much work and money to my recovery. Lots of blood, sweat, money and tears have been poured…