I had multiple ischemic strokes. Without going into the specifics of my stroke, both sides of my brain were affected. A bilateral stroke is a rare occurrence.

One of the most important lessons learned in my stroke recovery is self-advocacy. This point is magnified if you have a rare case. At my old rehab, my rehab professionals strongly believed that hearing aids wouldn’t help; however, they failed to research current hearing aid technology. Oticon makes “BrainHearing” technology to provide better hearing with less effort. Without going into all the specifics of all my hearing tests, I do have a “slight” loss of hearing in both ears.

Getting my digital hearing aids was one the best things we did. They allow me to function in the community in easier.

Of course, I still attend speech therapy twice a week which has proven to have great results.

Another successful thing we did was to start participating in neurofeedback despite some resistance from some medical professionals. Based on the research I found online, 1 in 5 people with get no benefit from neurofeedback. Luckily, neurofeedback has proven beneficial in my case.

What differences have I noticed in the past few months with the combination of neurofeedback and speech therapy? The best way to describe it is hearing more in 3D.

In August 2014, I only processed 0% of words in my left ear. Now, my left ear is processing more words. I can process sounds behind me better. How do I measure the “3D hearing”? I utilize a TactusTherapy app which repeats words out loud and I only utilize my left-ear headphone. When I first started doing this exercise, it was SO difficult. Now, it’s too easy.

Of course, I still have some problems processing words but it’s proving to get better…

The point is this: medical professionals do not have all the answers. In fact, sometimes they are completely wrong! Research ways to get better even if you get resistance from the medical community.





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