Look Out!

I’ve been making crazy progress lately. I believe this is the result of combination of speech therapy with neurofeedback.

  1. I finished all the deductive reasoning puzzles in speech therapy. Next, we are going to work on problem solving tasks at a rapid pace. This is also  going to target my confidence.
  2. I’ve moved up to complex directions.
  3. I’m now on 5 unrelated words in auditory memory.  I scored 92% in my last session.

All this progress wouldn’t have been possible without my husband’s help. We both put in so much work in my therapy. In addition, it’s the result of the encouragement that my family provides.

I only have a 3 sessions of neurofeedback left.  We are going to do another brain map (QEEG) to see what progress has been made.

My grandma got out of the hospital recently and has started inpatient rehab. She is making good gains. It makes me happy to see her doing better.