Ricky and I had a big weekend planned for a night out-of-town today. I got discounted tickets to stay in a room at a casino. To be honest, I’m not sure why the casino sent me discounted tickets. We never spend money there. 🙂 We had big plans to eat like a pig, swim, indulge in valet parking, and maybe gamble a little bit.

Unfortunately, our plans got knocked out of the park! My grandma had a stroke today. It seems surreal to have to go through this routine again. No longer am I the patient; I’m a concerned family member. Luckily, my grandma knew she was having a stroke when it happened. My family had to go through the routine of getting to the hospital ASAP to have my grandma care-flighted to the Medical Center of Plano which is the same stroke unit I attended. Right now, I’m not sure of the specifics of her condition. She had a hemorrhagic stroke. I had multiple ischemic strokes. The good thing is that she recognizes everyone and she can speak with some word-finding difficulties. She couldn’t say my name but after I repeated it to her a few times she picked it up. She has some aphasia and vision problems. It breaks my heart that my grandma has to go through this situation.

It felt almost dreamlike to go back into one of the ICU rooms where I was taken after my stroke. Of course, my family recalled some of the situations I encountered when I was there; including the neurologists telling my family that I would never get better. Now, the ICU nurses are shocked at how good I’m doing.

Going off topic, I’ve added a new task in my personal rehab. Music dancing is supposed to help those with audiological processing issues.  As a result, I’ve been trying to attend more Zumba classes at my YMCA. In addition, I’ve been playing “Just Dance” video games on my Wii. So much fun!  I’m still attending speech therapy and neurofeedback. I’m still seeing gains at 2.5 yrs post-stroke! Take that, all you doubters and neurologists that stated that I would never get better!