2016 – No Goal Changes

My goals for 2016 haven’t changed since 2015. I’m now 2 years, 4 months, 7 days post-stroke.

I continue speech therapy and continue to see progress. I’m now on the 3rd level of 3-step directions. So easy, some people might say; however, I had to go through seven levels of two-step directions to get to this point.  In addition, I continue to do my home speech-therapy and practice with Ricky. I’m happy that I’ve gotten to stay with a single speech therapist for the past year.

I continue neurofeedback. I’ve had 5 sessions so far.

I worry about all the things that most stroke survivors do:

  1. Money – Life on disability sucks. Period.
  2. Recovery Time – I want to be 100% recovered now.

At times, I want to ask the entire world: “Do you have any idea of what I’ve been through?”.  If you are a stroke survivor, you’ll likely hear a couple pieces of advice: things will get better. This statement irritates me.  I lost 40% of my income, health insurance, and retirement.

As much as I hate admitting it, in terms of my recovery, things are getting better. Life is improving.