Neurofeedback Impressions

I’ve attended four neurofeedback sessions so far. During the sessions, I watch a movie with two or three electrodes attached to my head that listen to my brain activity.

I have seen some improvements in the first four sessions. In my home-therapy, I utilize a software program called BrainBuilder (i.e. recommended by my speech therapist). My BrainBuilder scores have improved in two weeks. When eating at a local restaurant with my husband, mom, and grandma with lots of background noise, I was able to follow the conversation easier.

With that, I would say that neurofeedback does have some negative side-effects. I’ve experienced some sleepiness and irritability. If you are considering doing neurofeedback, discuss it with your doctor. Be aware there are some negative side-effects especially if you have anxiety. I don’t recommend it if you have problems communicating expressively.

I’m working on trying to remain calm and be in the “moment”. I’m trying to practice meditation through the day.

Since my stroke, my focus has been on recovering. I haven’t taken a break in over two years even when I had a therapy gap. This week, I’m making it a point to just relax.

In terms of support, I’ve always had my family. Unfortunately, my employer wasn’t supportive. In fact, my boss or HR rep never tried to follow-up with me. I was treated like I didn’t exist after my stroke. They fell into the stigma that lurks after a stroke. However, most all of my old bosses sent me well-wishes. See the awards I was given pre-stroke. I was a good employee.


A stroke or accident can happen to anyone.  You can be in a car accident or experience a terrible fall. At my old rehab, patients were there that had car wrecks, concussions, and terrible falls.

My old boss told me that I will succeed in whatever platform I’m put in. I believe this still applies post-stroke. My rehab constantly talked about how much work I put into my rehab.  I don’t know where my life will turn out to once I’m done with rehab. Finding my purpose is important. It leaves me with an empty feeling.  I don’t believe that I was given my drive or improvement for no reason.