Forward Progress

Over the course of my stroke, to talk on the phone, I had to use a VCO phone. Recently, I held a conversation with my mom on my cell phone. Mind you, it was silent in my house; I’m so proud. Women’s voices are high-pitched which presents problems for me. Men’s voices, such as my husband and dad, were always easier for me to understand.

In the beginning of my stroke, I wasn’t traumatized that I wasn’t able to talk to my mom on the phone. My old speech therapist ordered a VCO phone for me which has been a saving grace. However, now, I’m so ready to ditch it. With more progress, I feel like it’s going to be possible.

I met an exciting goal in my auditory memory. I was able to remember 5 words with 90% accuracy.

Of course, I couldn’t have all this progress without a barrier. My insurance only provides 60 speech sessions for a calendar year. However, we found a way to attend speech until the end of the year. My neurologist wants me to keep doing what I’m doing. Forward, I push.