New Vehicle

Financial Losses

As a result of my stroke, I lost 40% of my income. In addition, I lost my health insurance, 401k, and pension. In addition, we are no longer planning to start a family. I had to use my existing 401k to make ends meet and to pay for therapy. Luckily, I was able to be transferred to Ricky’s insurance. My mom is also contributing to my ability to pay for my health insurance. Before my stroke, I had an awesome Venza and Ricky had a Tacoma. We sold my Venza and Ricky downgraded to a Corolla. Unfortunately, the Corolla was a lemon and was in the shop multiple times. My family was worried about my safety driving back and forth to Plano in an unreliable car so they went to talk to Toyota. We had to make numerous financial transitions. I’m not complaining. God has provided for us. In the long run, I know we will come out on top.

New Car

Luckily, the Toyota dealer helped us get a better car. I’m so proud of it. It is pictured below.


Identity Theft Progress

The girls that stole my identity and ran up extensive fraud in my name have their day in court on April 29. I hope they get punished big time especially since I’m disabled. I’ve already had enough pressure! The fraud has been a nightmare and the Josephine Police Chief said that the girls did extreme damage to my credit. As a result of the freeze on my credit, I wasn’t able to be placed on the title of our new vehicle. Thanks thieves!

Stupid People

People are dumb and saying that we must have done something to cause my stroke. My stroke was an accident. My body gave out on me as a result of multiple factors (stress, birth control, high cholesterol, exercising in the heat, etc). In the week prior to my stroke,  I was under an immense amount of stress trying to prepare for the Security+ class for my former employer. In addition, it was extremely hot around 1:00 PM on Aug 31, 2013 and I was running to get some exercise.

I’m now taking cholesterol meds, exercising safely, and have stopped taking birth control. I’m not allowed to be in the heat.

Here are the facts: 1 in every 5 women and 1 in 6 men will suffer a stroke. Every two seconds, someone in the world suffers a stroke. Every six seconds, someone dies as a result of a stroke. For those people making this commentary, the probability of them suffering a stroke is high. I don’t wish a stroke on anyone even the people that I extremely dislike.

Therapy Progress

I’m still making good progress in therapy and meeting goals. One goal I’m proud of is my ability to discriminate placement of short vowels such as pin and pen. I had such a problem with this in the beginning of my stroke. My therapist has given me a preview of what I’m going to be working in the future which is helpful. My new rehab makes sure that my activities keep me challenged and I’m impressed with how hard they are working me. I love to work hard. Working hard is ingrained in my personality.

Cerebral Angiogram

We are still waiting on Aetna to approve my angiogram. I hate the red-tape barriers placed by insurance companies. I experienced this first-hand when I had  to wait for 2 months to start my new speech therapy after I was discharged from day-neuro.