Neuro Appt

Today, I had an appointment with one of the neurologists that treated my stroke. Since I haven’t seen a neurologist in over a year, we setup an appointment. Last time I seen the neurologist, I had impaired speech and my hearing was horrible.

I have recovered massively since my stroke. Needless to say, the nurse and neurologist were shocked at my recovery. The nurse said that I need to so proud of myself. The neurologist said that my recovery has been amazing. Take that, haters!

My neurologist wants to do another cerebral angiogram to make sure that my brain vessels aren’t inflamed. If they are, I will be prescribed an anti-inflammatory. I told him that prednisone caused me to want eat everything; in addition, I got the horrible moon face. The neurologist said that there are other medications that we could try besides prednisone.

When I was leaving their office, the nurse and neurologist were standing in awe. It was definitely a confidence boost.

Am I 100% recovered? No. However, I’m still working hard to get my left ear caught up with my right ear. I’m not going to give up.