Benefits of Technology

After being fitted with hearing aids in Sept 2014, I have become very interested in learning about hearing aid technology.

I wear Nero Pro hearing aids by Oticon. My health insurance paid for my hearing aids which I’m very fortunate for. Many insurance companies don’t cover hearing aids. My hearing aids have all the features listed in the Oticon documentation below with the exception of Speech Guard E; only the highest level (Alta) aid has this feature.

According to an audiogram, I have normal hearing. However, in August 2014, I scored a 0% word recognition in my left ear after a year of therapy. Based on my latest audiological evaluation (Jan 2015), my left ear is still my weakness; however, it has improved. To come from a 0% to an improvement, I believe there were two main factors: I wore the hearing aids for 3 months and had a month of new speech therapy before this evaluation. After viewing the results of my latest evaluation (Jan 2015), Dr. Mainord was impressed with my progress since my last audiological evaluation (Aug 2014).

What type of hearing aids are available? Analog hearing aids amplify all sound (e.g. speech and noise) in the same way. Analog hearing aids are usually cheaper. Digital hearing aids can distinguish between speech and noise; in addition, they can suppress background noise. I have digital hearing aids.

Hearing aid technology has become more advanced recently. I recently purchased the Oticon streamer and microphone. I can connect my streamer to multiple things (iPhone, iPad, landline, iPod, FM system, etc.). The streamer sends an audio signal straight into my hearing aids. Currently, I utilize my iPhone and microphone with the streamer.

For my auditory processing issues, to get back to 100%, I realize that I have lots of work ahead of me. My full-time job is getting better; I have nothing else to do. I don’t have any kids. Before my stroke, my husband and I talked about having a baby but now we can’t afford it since I’m on disability.

Oticon Documentation:

hearing aid1

hearing aid2

hearing aid3