Therapy Progress and Goals

CAPD Evaluation

I had a CAPD evaluation recently. My rehab’s audiologist (Dr. Gehan) performed numerous tests.  An ABR (auditory brainstem response) test was performed which measures electrical activity in the brain. The point of this test is to monitor the auditory nerve. Numerous CAPD tests were performed. Goodness, the tests were hard! Numerous measures of my ability to understand speech in background noise were performed and I wasn’t allowed to wear my hearing aids.

My ABR came out normal and the CAPD tests point to a pure auditory processing issue. My left ear is still my weakness; however, it has gotten better since I tested back in August 2014.

Dr. Gehan had numerous suggestions. One goal is to improve my ability to understand speech in background noise. He said that I would really benefit from bluetooth accessories that connect to my hearing aids since I have a hard time understanding speech in background noise. Luckily, I already have an appointment scheduled with Dr. Mainord to discuss Oticon streamer. I’m hoping that our insurance will pay for it.

One thing that I enjoy about my new rehab is how positive they are. They know that both Ricky and I are working hard to get me back to my pre-stroke condition. They tell me that I’m doing a good job each session.

I’m making constant progress in my therapy. I scored a 100% on my vowel speech recognition. Next, we are moving on to consonants.


Even though I’m making progress, I still have moments of depression. Where would I be if I got my hearing aids when I started understanding speech? I was told numerous times that hearing aids wouldn’t help me. Would I be back at work? Would my life be back to normal? Although I made lots of progress, I feel cheated.

When I see how good my new rehab treats me, I think about the moments of disrespect I experienced at my old rehab. One neuropsychologist had no bedside manners when working with me. Around 6 months post-stroke, my old rehab told me that eventually I would stop making progress and I would hit a plateau. They warned me that insurance wouldn’t cover my treatment (Note: Most people stop progressing at 6 months post-stroke). Ricky told them that was fine; I would just go to a different facility. After that family conference, that threat was no longer made until I got discharged shortly after my job termination. I will say that we are blessed from a medical insurance perspective. After my job termination, I switched over to Ricky’s insurance. Fortunately, it has been 16 months post-stroke and I’m still making progress even with all the setbacks.

On top of the disrespect, my ex-employer treated me bad. What did I do to be so disrespected? All I want is for my life to be normal again. My work ethic was always been valued educationally and vocationally. After my stroke, I lost so much…