Possible New Diagnosis

Dental Evaluation

It has been a year since I’ve had my teeth cleaned. My mouth feels fresh and clean. 🙂 Going into the appointment, I was a little worried; Dental hygiene is a priority to me but I was a little spaced out in the beginning of my stroke. Luckily, my dentist said that I take excellent care of my teeth and my root canal looks great. No cavities!

Possible New Diagnosis

Achieve (my new rehab) has both an audiologist and speech therapists that specialize in audiological processing. My speech therapist wants me to get some specialized CAPD hearing tests. Based on what they have seen in my sessions, they feel like I have CAPD and not auditory agnosia. I have become a PRO hearing test taker. I have had 3 or 4 hearing tests over the course of my stroke. When I got my hearing aids, Dr. Mainord said that he was going to treat me like one of his CAPD cases. Apparently, the possible CAPD diagnosis is common in both cases. I have an appointment with Dr. Gehan (my rehab’s audiologist) to discuss the tests next year.

I’m glad that my new treatment team is doing everything they can to diagnose my problem and get the help that I need. I don’t feel like my previous rehab investigated my case to come up with possible treatment options. Ricky and I had to go out on our own to find out that I needed hearing aids.

Since my stroke, I have had trouble with vowels. My old speech therapist noted that I had problems with vowels; however, they diagnosed me with auditory agnosia. Problems understanding vowels is a CAPD symptom. If the tests reveal that I have CAPD, I’m going to be so disappointed that it took 15 months to come up with the right diagnosis.

After each session, my speech therapist gives homework assignments to both Ricky and me. We’ve been working on my long vowels. I’ve achieved 90% in a month. Next, we are going to work on my short vowels.