Sad Weekend

Ricky’s Sinus Surgery

For as long as I can remember, Ricky has had allergy/sinus issues. The pain of his sinus headaches made him constantly throw up. As a result, he had a sinus surgery this past Friday. We were expecting that the surgery would take a half a day and we would be going home that evening. Unfortunately, his surgery was VERY painful. When I seen him, he had blood draining from his nose and eyes. His whole head was covered in blood. The nurses were very concerned about the amount of blood that he was loosing. As a result, we ended up staying in the hospital so they could get his bleeding under control. Luckily, my mom stayed with us Friday night at the hospital and wiped blood off head his ALL night so I could get some sleep. His doctor had to perform a SECOND surgery on Saturday morning. His doctor couldn’t explain why he was bleeding was so much. The doctor didn’t even touch that side of his face. Luckily, after his second surgery on Saturday morning, he was much better. The doctor said that he could have bled to death if he didn’t perform the second surgery.


Grandma Passing

This past weekend was sad. My grandma passed away this afternoon at age 82. She was sooo tough! She had a stroke at age 78. After her stroke, her doctor told her that she only had 6 months to 5 years to live. Well, she made it to age 82! She was on hospice for a long time. Unfortunately, her stroke effected her speech as well but she could still communicate. Our whole family is so sad.

The following picture is sooo bad – LOL! But, I remember that she was so proud of me when I graduated from college that she actually cried.


Speech Therapy

Luckily, everything worked out for my speech therapy and I start tomorrow. However, I’m not sure if I will make it for my first session with my Grandma’s passing. I’m ready to start therapy again since it’s been two months since I’ve had ANY therapy. I was disappointed with how long that the rehab transition process took (2 months). I was also mad that I was discharged after I got my hearing aids with virtually no time to get adjusted. 😦