I titled this blog Nothing. That’s what I do everyday now :-).

I was released from rehab a few weeks ago and I have no schedule. Right now, I sleep late every day, perform housework, do my own therapy on my iPad, and workout. Although some people would love to have no responsibility, it’s depressing. It’s hard for me. I don’t feel productive or that I’m contributing to society.

Luckily, I have my own car now so I have more independence.  Ricky got a small pickup and I took over the Corolla.

I am very luckily. Ricky always took care of the grocery shopping and cooking; however, I need things to do to fill up my day so I took over that responsibility. I’m cooking now. I’m on a protein shake kick right now.  I’m trying to incorporate healthy food into my diet.

I NEVER pictured myself as a trophy wife :-).

Soon, I’m hoping to have a busy schedule. I will start speech therapy in Plano soon. We are waiting on approval from our health insurance. I’m excited about my new speech therapist. She will provide homework assignments after every therapy session. Ricky will be more involved in my therapy. I’m ready for the new challenges.