Words of Encouragement

I’ve had a few rough days. Both Ricky and I have had a lot stress recently. While discussing some issues with Ricky and dad at a restaurant, a woman sitting next to our table started talking to me. Although I don’t know her name, she provided some serious encouragement. She is a Christian counselor and she felt “compelled” to come talk to us.  She has blood cancer leukemia and is about to pass away. She lost her 10 year kid and her mother died from a stroke. She kept telling me that I’m beautiful. She said we “glowed”; however, I have a “unique” glow. She said that Ricky needs to get some rest. She was impressed with my dad and how strong he stands for me. She said that God has big plans for me and he wants me to write a book. She said people would come from all over to listen to me about my book.

I’m so tired of being stressed so it was nice to hear! 🙂 God has great ways of encouraging us just when we need it!




One thought on “Words of Encouragement

  1. Tammy Hairston February 1, 2014 / 3:12 pm

    Meagan, that woman was urged by the Holy Spirit! How wonderful and awesome! It has been very stressful here too, but I always remember that God told us to be anxious is nothing. I can’t tell you how many times a day I tell myself that. I am glad you experienced this with this lady. It helps build you up. I know God is working out all the details, we just have to be quiet and listen to that small still voice. I love you ,

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