Lessons Learned

Based on my experience with my stroke, I offer these points of advice:

ALWAYS…ALWAYS…Take your health seriously. If you’re were like I was, I only went to the doctor when I was deathly sick. I never got check-up appointments because I was young and I never thought I needed them.

Always have an “emergency” stash of money that you can use in case you run into an accident. Luckily, we had savings. Even though I have STD (and now LTD), there a bunch of loops you have to jump through to get your income.  From a financial perspective, God has take care of us!

I’ve always been independent and I hate relying other people. This incident has shown me: family is important! I feel so sorry for Ricky. He has taken on way more than a husband should. He’s done a great job of handling our finances which I used to handle. He pays our household bills, handles my medical bills, handles my medication, takes care of me, cooks, works, helps me clean the house, and keeps all of my other family is up to date on my condition. It’s a huge task for him to handle! I will be so happy when I can do more to help him out! He’s a great husband!  Whether it was my mom providing motherly support, my dad providing advice about how handle our finances, or my nan-nan taking me to doctor’s appointments,  my family has done so much for me!

At times, I’m weak. There are some days when I get depressed. I ask “why me?”. I’ve always done everything that I should. Although I’m FAR from perfect,  I’m a hard-worker. Growing up, I’ve stood strong in life and overcame many obstacles. At these times, I really have to pray. But, at these times, I have to remind myself of how far I’ve came!

My aphasia has pretty much been resolved. Right now, I’m still working through my audio agnosia and verbal apraxia issues. Although I don’t have a official date, I will probably be in rehab for a few more months. I enjoy rehab and it helps to keep my mind busy 5 days a week.


2 thoughts on “Lessons Learned

  1. Tammy Hairston December 19, 2013 / 9:03 pm

    Megan, you are so right on all the issues you mentioned. But, family is the most important. (At least that is my thought). You are very blessed to have Ricky, he is a fantastic husband! The other family that are helping you love you so much as do we. If you ever need me to help with anything I am here and it would be my pleasure. When something like this happens to us, we don’t understand it. Why?! But, God knows. Seek him and ask him. You already know it has shown you how important family is and how important your health is. I’m sure there are even bigger lessons to be learned but you have always done things right and fought hard to follow what was right. Perhaps it is to build your faith also, I really don’t know. But, know that we love you very much and would do anything for you. Please just ask. I know you will come out of this shining bright, that’s just who you are and I’m so thankful to God for that. See you Christmas!!! HUGS 🙂

  2. meganrachellewhitaker December 19, 2013 / 11:13 pm

    Tammy – You are so right! Family is the most IMPORTANT. I’m so blessed! I know that family would do ANYTHING for me and this has been demonstrated to me time-after-time. I’m thankful for everyone in my family!

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