Today,  we had our monthly family conference at rehab with my OT and SPL. From the meeting, they discussed the following issues:

  • My SPL explained that I’m still having problems with my audio agnosia. I get my vowels confused when understanding spoken language. She continues to work with me to help me understand vowels.  I was told that I was “unique” but I don’t know if that is a good thing or bad thing! For a stroke victim, she said that is unusual that I can read and type with no problems. She got a voucher from the State of Texas for a device that prints out words from phone conversations since it’s a challenge for me to understand. I will get to use this device at home so I can talk to my mom & dad. I miss talking to my mom and dad on the phone!
  • My OT explained that I was doing good work and she believes that I should be able to start driving again soon! woot! Of course, I still have to get through level 4 for of VMR (visual & reaction time program) which I should start on soon. Of course, depending on my progress over the next few months, they will be looking for me to start back to work part-time soon. Depending on how things go, I MIGHT be going back to work in the next few months! woot!

Most of my time is spent on a iPad at rehab. Based on conversations with my SPL, they believe it would be huge advantage for me to get an iPad so I could work from home. Look what Santa is bringing me!