Reliant Richardson and Inpatient Pate

After we got out of the hospital, I was taken to Reliant inpatient in Richardson. I only stayed here for a week until I was moved into Pate in Anna. At Reliant, I worked with a few SPLs. I remember working with Jackie and she was nice. The PTs were nice at Reliant. At PT, I saw a bunch of elderly people doing exercises and I thought easy! I was wrong! They worked out my booty off! However, Reliant seemed to focus more on physical therapy rather than speech. To get my speech problems corrected, I needed to move to Pate.

When we got to Pate inpatient care, I was excited because I was allowed to go out for a few hours with Ricky on the weekend. The freedom felt awesome! I stayed in inpatient care for two weeks until I became an outpatient. After being away from home a month, I was so happy to go home and sleep in my bed! Pate takes me home everyday.

During my early time at Pate, I worked on my balance. I worked on the balance beam, climbing stairs, and various exercises determined by my PT. My schedule consisted of the following: balance, paperwork, speech time, walking on the treadmill, lunch, social group, iPad apps, aphasia tutor, and VMR (reaction time). I have made it through aphasia tutor (1,2,4) levels and VMR levels 1 and 2. In order to regain my ability to drive, I have to pass these tests. I’m so ready to drive again!

With severe expressive aphasia, I couldn’t perform basic tasks such as reciting the alphabet or naming the days of the week; however, now these tasks seem trivial to me. With only about <1.5 month at Pate, I have made significant progress.


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