At the time, I was confused and I didn’t realize I was having a stroke. Nobody explained it to me. I remember the careflight clearly as day. I remember the pilots and riding in the helicopter and leaving Greenville for Plano. This would be my first time to ride a in a helicopter although I wish it would be for a reason I would enjoy like a Hawaii vacation! 🙂

I was removed from ICU on September, 2 2013. I know I had a lots of visitors including my family and church. I appreciate all of the support and prayers they gave me. Basic tasks like writing my name and Ricky’s name was a chore and difficult. I couldn’t even write the alphabet; luckily, one of the ICU nurses saw me and wrote it for me…

If I couldn’t even write the alphabet, what would it mean for our future? I’ve always taken pride in my ability to learn things quickly. Then, I got freaked out about how I would pay for our bills; however, God has provided our means. I praise God!

I got little or no sleep at my time in ICU or the hospital. Sleeping in the ICU/hospital is not fun! I prefer my comfortable bed!


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