August 31, 2013 – My Stroke Accident

It was Labor Day weekend of August 31, 2013. Like most people, I had planned on enjoying my time off work. Ricky and I planned to take it easy with an extended weekend. Ricky went to get his hair cut in Plano so he was out-of-town. To squeeze in some exercise, I decided to take a run around our neighborhood. I didn’t realize anything was out of the ordinary until I got into our garage. All of a sudden, I felt weird and confused. Even though I had my keys in my hands, I couldn’t figure out how to open our front door (I was in progress of the stroke). I hit my head on the ground of the garage floor; I laid there desperate and confused. Eventually, my mind figured out how to get back into our house and I made it into bed. After Ricky got home, he noticed something was wrong with me but he thought I got too hot from running. Ricky noticed that I couldn’t move my body. He tried moving my arm around but I was unable to move. I laid there unconscious in our bed.  There were two Angels were watching me! There were two of them. I seen them!

Eventually, Ricky was able to wake me up. Although, I’m not sure how! I was able to speak clearly to Ricky until he got me to the ER.

One thought on “August 31, 2013 – My Stroke Accident

  1. Ashley Cappelli November 5, 2013 / 2:35 am

    Rick told us the story about the angels in white robes. Unbelievable! They were your guardian angels. I’d love to hear more about that soon.

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